Real Best Men Carry Swords…

I figure I’ll post this one in honor of my best friend, Scott & his lovely fiance, Laura, who are set to get married next summer.

We all know that every wedding party has a best man. He’s the guy who gets to publicly take jabs at the newlyweds at the reception & the one who stands right next to the groom looking all proud & stuff. He’s usually either a brother or best friend… Yeah, you really shouldn’t need me to explain who he is.

Here’s why we carry this tradition on:
Living during the Dark Ages was dangerous & because of this, the best man wasn’t the best friend; he was the groom’s STRONGEST friend. The reason he’s called the “best” man is because the best man was the groom’s best soldier.

Basically, if you were at a wedding in the Middle Ages, you’d look like this:


Pretty sweet, huh?

Back then, weddings were considered financial agreements between the two families. At weddings of the nobility, especially, a whole lot of money or property was exchanged. It wasn’t uncommon for one or both sets of parents to have second thoughts. Kidnappings & ambushes were often preplanned by one family to swindle the other out of money. It was the best man’s job to guard the ceremony & make sure it went as the two families agreed. He also stood guard outside the married couple’s bedroom on the wedding night to make sure nothing happened after the ceremony.

After all, a deal’s a deal, right?

Of course, now we have police & dowries aren’t really a thing in the Western world anymore, so the role has become entirely symbolic.

There you have it. Now you know. You’re welcome.

Hey, Scott, do your best to talk Laura into letting me carry a sword. Okay? That would be freaking COOL.


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